About Chris

My name is Chris Canning and I am a professional Motocross racer and trainer. I was born and raised in Connecticut and currently spend my Summers in New England and Winters in Florida with my wife Kylie and our dog Odin. I have been racing professionally for 11 years, and most recently have been participating in the Pro Motocross Nationals that are on the East Coast. In addition to racing Nationals, I have been most recently focusing my energy on my Motocross Training business, in order to help riders achieve their goals. Beginning when I was 3 years old, I grew up riding and racing with my Dad, two brothers, and close family friends in New England and all over the East Coast. The more I rode, the deeper my passion for the sport became. We chased points throughout New England; we followed some of the Amateur National Circuit, qualifying for and racing at The Lorretta Lynn Amateur National multiple times, and we thought nothing of hoping in the car and heading 8-12 hours South for a quick weekend race. Even at this young age, I found myself wanting to become the best I could be every time I swung my leg over the bike. I raced my first National at 16 years old, and shortly thereafter became involved in training other people as a means to help offset the cost of my professional racing career. I quickly realized that this was something I really enjoyed doing and seeing the progress of those that I was training was a really great feeling. Over the years I have trained many people of all ages and abilities. Some with the goal of racing the coveted Lorretta Lynn Amateur National race, and some with the goal of simply finishing a local race. Either way, it excites me to help people in this sport to achieve whatever goal they have set for themselves. While I am a strong advocate for creating training programs that challenge my riders and encourage them to work hard and to their fullest potential, I am also a firm believer in creating a positive environment for my students. My main objective is to ensure that my riders are having fun as they are working hard and progressing.